Do atheists make their own gods?

Atheism means no god or gods at all.

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2 min readMay 29, 2022


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* Everyone makes their own gods.

* Atheism means no god or gods at all.

* It’s a person’s ultimate authority not functionally their God?

* That would make them theists. 🤔

* All atheists are not the same as far as a mindset. GODS are generally a reference to a supernatural deity aka CREATOR. So as far as an actual GOD an atheist feels there’s no convincing argument for a GOD. This troubles a devout theist, so they try to level the playing field by making an assumption that an atheist substitutes an actual GOD with something materialistic.

* Atheists disregard all gods and their ideologies.

* Yes. It’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

* Suzanne Townsend this is just a definition of the term “atheism “. It says nothing about nature of human being. According to practical observations, people tend to worship someone or something. For example — money. A perfect substitute of God.

* Why would they? They have no need for a god. I guess us atheists would be most easiest to please since nothing would be expected from the invisible, do nothing , sky daddy people call god

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