Does life require a purpose and a goal?

Yes, a life without a purpose, is not worth living.

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2 min readMar 23, 2022


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* “Many who have no consistent goal in life are thrown from one new design to another by a fickleness that is shifting, never settled and ever dissatisfied with itself. Some have no goal at all toward which to steer their course, but death takes them by surprise as they gape and yawn. I cannot therefore doubt the truth of that seemingly oracular utterance of the greatest of poets: “Scant is the part of life in which we live.” All the rest of existence is not living but merely time. “ Seneca ‘On the Shortness of Life’

* No. A fulfilling life does. But sadly, people can and do suffer cruel and pointless existences.

* Non-Attachment. Non-Resistance. Non-Judgment. That is the goal.

* A purpose and a goal is what makes life meaningful and that’s the reason why it’s important for as long as you keep breathing. Tho When you’re dead, it doesn’t matter whether you had a meaningful existence or not.

* No, life requires food, water and shelter. Life is improved by a goal

* All journeys begin with a point of origin and end at a destination.

* Survive and procreate. Oh, and motorcycles.

* Yea. To be considered a life. Take it from someone who doesn’t.

* We are created with a goal and purpose.



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