If God is “good,” why is there so much evil in the world?

Because we have free will

Stoic Teacher
4 min readMay 26, 2022


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* Because man exists . . . We should start with man before starting the tirade on what each one think of as god — I suppose.

* Because you choose to see the evil irrespective of goodness in the world. There is nothing good or bad . We make it so.

* Our basic nature is good. The rest is our neurotic reaction to that basic openness. To act accordingly with our basic nature is to live the good life, to be a sage. It’s a lifelong thing. But, a question: Did Stoicism talk of a God?

* The heart of man is evil that is simply why it doesn’t have to do with whether God is good or not which He is. Man has the privilege to make choices, so if a man conceive in his mind to do Evil, he will. Our conscious effort to be good is what makes us different

* Because we don’t listen to gods advice , god didn’t create evil god created free will,

* Vice versa, there’s so much good in world, shift ur paradigm! Everything is good, except all the things humans ever touched 🥲

* There is nothing like a god…its as simple as that!

* This is best answered by saying there is no god or god is not good or god is powerless.

* Because there is Satan who is evil. And because some people choose him instead of good God.



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