Is abortion ever permissible?


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* Christianity teaches that God has given us Freewill to Choose good over evil. Christianity teaches that God permits people making good and bad choices. That God will pass judgment on our choices doesn’t change the fact that He permits choices to be made. So those who are against choice show a belief that God who gave us the Freewill to choose, was wrong and that they know better than He.

* Depends on who you ask, if you did not consent you should be allowed to abort is my personal opinion but at the same time, what a would be parents decide to do or a single would be mom decides to do doesn’t concern me. The option should be there despite my personal beliefs because of everyones freedom, with freedom comes disagreeing but at the end of the day the option should be there no matter what my opinion is or anyone else’s.

* i see abortion as sociocultural neurosis interiorization.

* If morality comes into play then the only time it is permissible is when the mothers, baby’s or both lives are at stake and there is a forced choice in regards to who to save and who to sacrifice for the other. When rape is concerned it is more complicated, the fetus/baby is innocent of the perpetrator’s crime and does not deserve to be aborted and it is in all probability immoral to abort it. The perpetrator’s crime on the other hand is heinous and there is…