Is poverty in society inevitable?

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* Yes, because poverty is subjective and the poorest people in any society are going to be described as living in poverty. Hardly a hundred years ago literally everyone gave birth at home and people died from polio and malaria. Today that would be considered living in poverty. Poverty back then meant visible ribs and bones, now even overweight people can be classed as living in poverty. Ofc there are parts of the world where things are still as bad as it was back then.

* Yes, because GREED remains to dwell in the hearts of most people, resulting in a superficial scarcity of the world’s natural resources.

* ‘Poverty’ is the state of nature as populations increase until just above starvation. But, is this ‘bad’?

* Nothing should be inevitable.

* Are Billionaires necessary? I think the world is trending towards a better distribution of resources, at least among humans, so I think we might soon see become something like a virus or bacteria that flare up every now and then but is mostly under control.

* Yes but the level of poverty shrinks as capitalism increases. This is historically observable.

* No, but that world from this perspective is Utopia

* Poverty is the natural state of man. Prosperity is knowing that not only will you have have food to eat today but tomorrow as well. As far as I’m concerned you are rich if you have a roof over your (and your kids if you have any) head, a bed to sleep in and food and water on the table every day. Everything else beyond that is just luxury. Furthermore, poor vs rich is a state of mind. Think victimhood, tendency to place blame for ones situation on external factors versus independency, dignity, tendency to introspect and place blame on internal factors. My 2 cents.

* Yes. Some people are, ironically, content with less and our “poverty” is their “comfort zone”.

* Relative poverty, yes, as long as someone has one thing more than another person. Absolute poverty doesn’t have to and should not exist.

* Relative poverty is, absolute poverty is not

* As long as u earn according to ur input

* Only Thanos is inevitable…

* There was a time when many people didn’t have enough to eat every day. Innovation by the USA has largely ended that condition.

* It’s inevitable because money takes hold of a man’s heart , maybe not all People but there will always be the certain few who get taken over by the greed

* There will always be somebody up there with more resources and somebody down there with little

* Yes, but the quality of life in “poverty” now is substantially higher than it was even 80 years ago.

* is human imperfection& weakness inevitable?



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