Is torture ever justified?

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

* Ideally no.. but in a military situation to preserve life sadly it works. And even then there’s limits. Sadism is a sickness. It posions the well

* Yep, it is what some scum deserve, nothing less

* Yess. Sometimes it is a justice

* Someone has your child locked up in their basement but wont tell you where…what would you do? Cuz imma start peeling em like an apple…with a butterknife

* No. The only reason in which torture wouldn’t be just sadism, would be to use it to get vital information. But even then, since there’s always the chance that you’re interrogating the wrong person and you’re torturing someone who’ll end up lying just to stop the pain, it’s not worth it.

* People will sometimes do it to themselves to show their loyalty to their god.

* No. But the definition of torture is fluid. Inflicting pain by ways of beatings and instruments akin to what we normally defined as torture is one Thing. Using “Enhanced interrogation tactics” like sleep deprivation and playing loud music plus isolation is another. There is Even a case for long term imprisonment Being torture. I do not condone outright torture, but I do support Enhanced interrogation. Sometimes information is critical and time is a Major factor. Sometimes we need to bend the rules to provide security for civillians. And then there is a personal factor. If one of My loved ones were in danger, and only torture could prevent harm, I would not hesitate using it. I would not sacrifice My lived ones at the alter of some notion of morality. I would gladly spend My life in jail, If it ment saving My loved ones. So My stance is fluid, and some would likely say hypocritical. But its at least honest.



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