Who decides what morality is?

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3 min readFeb 11, 2022

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* That’s an equitable question. I refer to Shakespeare, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”. Morality therefore is agreed, by mutual consent. An artificial construct. Protocols engineered by society, defined by cult(ural) values. Each cult(ure) agrees on a set of rules, employed, in the exchange of social interactions.

* This is a false question based on numerous presuppositions that need to first be hashed out. If morality is objective then it requires grounding in ultimate being. If morality is subjective then it is ultimately meaningless. Stoics classically grounded morality in Zeus aka ultimate being, reason and Logos. In modernity we like to discard ultimate being, making morality subjective and meaningless. Ergo what we are left with the claims of the Sophists whom Socrates argued against.

* That’s the thing. It’s not decided. Morality should be applied on a case to case basis. That’s why you need education and formation, so that when the time comes for you to deal with morality, you have the mental tools to take, hopefully, the best decision in real time.

* The Words of the Creator, Which is God.

* The ruling majority along with their continuously evolving perceptions on what would put order in the society as a whole.

* When it’s been the ones deciding a morality, morality is subjective and dumb.

* Society via the social contract

* Truckers, if you live in Canada 🙄.

* Human evolution does. Collective Cooperation among groups of people is required for propagation of the species.

* morality is what create and bring good.

* me. hit me up if you need clarification on any morality issues.

* The essence of Morality is divine wisdom. Allah our creator revealed it in His Divine books.

* Morality & morals in thier origins are derived from Biblical principles. The hallmarks of morality must be encompassed & framed by the truth…& THE TRUTH stands on its own,it is not subject to…

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