Would this world be better or be worse without teachers and formal education?

We don’t have teachers anymore we have instructors in our so called education system at the moment, so in today’s sense better without the indoctrination system

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It is difficult to say whether the world would be better or worse without teachers and formal education, as this would depend on a variety of factors and would likely have complex and wide-ranging effects.

On the one hand, teachers and formal education play a crucial role in preparing individuals for life and work, and can help to promote social mobility, critical thinking, and civic engagement. Formal education can provide individuals with important skills and knowledge that are necessary for success in modern societies, such as literacy, numeracy, and computer skills. Additionally, teachers can serve as role models and mentors for students, helping to instill important values and attitudes such as respect, responsibility, and empathy.

On the other hand, formal education can also be associated with a range of problems and challenges, such as inequality, standardization, and conformity. In some cases, formal education may reinforce existing social hierarchies or limit students’ creativity and individuality. Additionally, some argue that the focus on formal education may come at the expense of other forms of learning and knowledge acquisition, such as experiential learning or self-directed learning.

Overall, it is likely that the world would be different in many ways without teachers and formal education, and it is difficult to say whether these changes would be positive or negative. However, it is clear that education is a crucial part of modern societies, and that teachers play an important role in shaping the lives of individuals and communities.

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